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Main course program

Students study according to the MOET program, ensuring the general goals of the 2018 General Education Program. At the end of elementary school at BMS, students are certified to complete the elementary program according to regulations of the Ministry of Education.

English and International Program

Standard System A: The English program standardizing the European competency framework helps students master basic knowledge and focus on training and developing 4 skills. CEFR A2 level output standard program. 

System I: Cambridge integrated program at the Primary level helps students build a foundation of academic competencies according to international standards through subjects taught in English. Students can participate in the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint exams issued by the Cambridge Examinations Council (CAIE).

System T: The Talented Education Program is for students with high academic ability and is designed to develop advanced knowledge and outstanding study skills, aiming for high academic achievement. Students reach A2 English level according to the European Competency Framework (CERF) and are oriented to transfer to specialized schools or high-quality schools at the secondary level. 

Skills and thinking education program

- STEAM program: As a modern educational method, STEAM equips knowledge and skills from 5 subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Students apply the knowledge and skills they have learned to solve real-life problems in the STEAM program. BMS students will develop the necessary skills and abilities: Creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, communication skills. 

- Leader in Me personal leadership development program: Program helps students form necessary skills to meet challenges caused by social change. From there, students master knowledge and actions. The goal of The Leader in Me program is the comprehensive development of students. 

- Program to develop financial thinking and create young entrepreneurs (Junior Achievent): A training program on Financial Management, Career Guidance and Entrepreneurship. The JA program equips students with knowledge of personal financial management to apply solid financial management skills in life. Besides, students also develop skills such as teamwork and planning, etc. The program helps them self-evaluate their own abilities, interests and values, and be cautious. when making financial decisions.

Enhancement program

Specialized physical education program (Japanese Physical): Specialized physical education program Japanese Physical is not simply physical movement but also nurtures knowledge and emotions. Students are comprehensively developed mentally, physically and intellectually. In particular, the Japanese Physical Education program has awakened children's limitless potential abilities, which is the spirit of overcoming difficulties. 

The program is copyrighted by Takasago Education Group of Japan, and is scientifically built with exercise systems ranging from simple to complex, from easy to difficult levels to help students conveniently in the process. Practise.

Program of experiential activities

Student activities are rich and diverse in type, content, and organizational form to help students form and develop necessary abilities and qualities, and be highly adaptable to the development of society. BMS elementary school especially focuses on experiences that help students expand practical knowledge, develop personal leadership abilities and practice life skills. At the end of primary school, students are equipped with 5 essential skills: Self-service skills, Health care skills, Fire escape skills, Drowning prevention skills, and Prevention skills invasive.

After-school program:

Outside of regular school hours, students can register to join Afterschool Clubs to develop their talents or pursue their own passions and interests such as science, English, skills, and sports. sports, arts.

Summer Camp program:

The Summer Camp program is organized and built specifically for each age group, giving students activities to explore themselves and the world, things that students rarely have the opportunity to experience during the regular school year. The Summer Camp program is held during the summer every year